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04/21/2021 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – This powerful, yet heartbreaking video shows Christians in Myanmar on the floor praying earnestly for their country.

Would you join us in praying for the deteriorating situation in the country as the fear of civil war grows closer to a reality? While many Myanmar residents take to the streets to protest, Christians have been advised to stay indoors as Myanmar has a history of targeting Christians and other minority groups.

Please share with your friends, churches, and families. Ask people to pray for the deteriorating situation in the country and to pray for the safety of our brothers and sisters in Myanmar who are fighting the good fight.


Hey to look at this powerful video. This is Christians in Myanmar, and they’re praying for their country. And I got to ask you, do you ever see Christians do this in your neighborhood or in your town? I don’t. So let me give you a little background, Christians in Myanmar have been persecuted for probably a hundred years. It’s a Buddhist country, Christians make up about 6% of the country. So there’s always been persecution, but the last couple of decades have been really rough. The military has been a continual war in the nation and really attacking the Christians and so they’ve suffered terribly. Now they’ve done better in the last number of years, there was a democratically elected government and the Christians were doing better. But then the military recently took over in a coup and that brings us to this point. So what’s going on? Well, the people, the Buddhist population is fed up.

They’re just tired of the military and they want democracy. And so they are out protesting in the streets. Now, what do you think the government’s doing? So of course, they’re cracking down hard. They’ve killed over 700 protesters. So that’s where this video comes in. The Christians are laying down the street and it’s not a political protest, they’re just crying out to God. They’re crying out to God, saying, “God bring peace to our nation, bring healing to our nation.” And that’s where I’d ask you, in Myanmar we’ve done a lot of work. We do wells, we’ve train pastors how to deal with persecution, we help orphans and we’ve repaired broken bodies and broken homes, all the typical workers do. And so I’d ask you to, first of all, join with your brothers and sisters in Myanmar. Cry out to God, ask for peace for that nation and ask for him to blanket that nation in his love and in the gospel. Finally, would you help us touch the Christians in Myanmar? Join us with our work in touching them. God bless you.