Egyptian Village Tensions Led to Multi-Family Fight

04/20/2021 Egypt (International Christian Concern) – On April 11, a fight between three families over land resulted in the death of one Coptic man. In Madmer Village of Sohag province, two Coptic men were engaged in a dispute when a Muslim man attempted to intervene and mediate the conversation.

The two Coptic men beat the Muslim man who then gathered his family in retribution. The Al-Esawiya family then joined the escalating fight and by the end, one Copt was killed and nine were injured. Police arrived on the scene to quell the situation and send those injured to the hospital.

Though the fight originated over land disputes and not sectarian issues, the tensions leading up to the fight signify the potential for violent outbursts in many mixed-religion villages. The gathering of the Muslim man’s family also hints at the collective persecution Christians face in the moment as well as the aftermath of family fights. The Christian community as a whole can face targeting or punishment for the actions of one or a small sub-group.

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