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04/17/2021 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern)God has a habit of reminding his people that he is in charge. All the nations are at the mercy of his will.

Throughout the book of Isaiah, God reminds his people not to fear man or the nations that attack them. There is nothing that goes beyond God’s grasp.

When you have a heart for the persecuted church, you will experience a lot of despair and destruction. The problem of pain is a common experience and leads to the question, “How could God allow something so terrible to happen?” But we have seen that in the midst of pain and suffering and terrible persecution, God’s glory is on full display.

Decades ago, the Ayatollahs took control of Iran and said they would build the greatest Islamic state on earth and bring Islam to the world. Forty years later, a large portion of Iran despises Islam. The Gospel is eating away at the nation bit by bit.

The nations are ultimately subject to God’s will, and there will come a day where all nations will sing his praise. In Isaiah, the prophet says that God is the stability of our times. If this is true in Isaiah’s day, it still rings true today.

When we look at the world’s idols, a national strength and power is a prized possession. Mighty nations can impose their will and ideology temporarily, but the Kingdom of God is far greater.

You can take heart and have hope that no matter how scary the future is or how painful the present is, God will win in the end. The Church has always had a gun at its back and a knife at its throat, and yet the gospel continues to spread.

Two thousand years ago, God released a trickle of water that flowed down to earth. He told us this trickle would become a great river and fill the whole earth. That river brings life and healing to whatever it touches. If its waters have flowed into your heart then you testify to its power and ability to bring life and peace to the soul.

Stand back and consider the power of this river multiplied by billions. That river continues to spread across the globe. Momentum will swing back and forth between the two kingdoms at war, but the trajectory and outcome of the war are clear: a new and promised day is coming. And there is nothing that man or nation can do to stand in the way of God’s will and coming coronation as the King of this weary and war torn world.

Take some time to reflect on your perspective of government and ruling authority. Ask yourself these questions as a guide:

  1. In what ways am I placing my faith in my country?
  2. How have I seen God’s sovereignty triumph?
  3. What is your understanding of God’s sovereignty?
  4. How can God’s sovereignty bring you comfort today?

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