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04/17/2021 India (International Christian Concern) – According to Morning Star News, a Christian family in India’s Jharkhand state has been confined to their home for months after being accused of “breaching the peace” by converting to Christianity.

Morning Star News reports that Asha Korwa and her family converted to Christianity in early-January 2021. When news of their conversion spread through Khala village, located in the Garhwa District, the family was harassed with increasing hostility by local villagers.

The first attack took place on January 22 as Korwa and her husband were holding a worship service in their home.

Our house is very close to the main road and they get annoyed by even the slightest of noises that can be heard when we praise and worship,” Korwa told Morning Star News. “On the day of the first attack, a batch of strongmen from the community stormed into our home and started badgering us, ‘Why are you shouting hallelujah? How dare you worship a foreign god!’

The strongmen beat Korwa’s husband, but that was only the beginning of the harassment the family has faced. On January 31, a mob came to their home, beat them, and paraded the Christians in front of police and members of the media.

As the media clicked our pictures and videotaped the attack, the police watched as mere spectators,” Korwa told Morning Star News. “They did not stop the assailants or the media.

After the attack, Korwa and her family were summoned to the Garhwa police station and told they were being held responsible for breach of peace and public tranquility under Section 107 of the Criminal Procedure Code. The police told the Christian family they were not allowed to leave the village, or they would be taken into custody.

Since then, Morning Star News reports that the family has be harassed constantly by both police and hostile villagers. The family has even been officially ostracized, with village leaders imposing a punishment of 51 blows from a lathi, 100 sit-ups, and a fine of 25,000 rupees (approximately $330.00) for anyone caught associating with the Christian family.

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