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04/16/2021 Iraq (International Christian Concern) –  On Palm Sunday, Christian cities across Iraq celebrated with parades, costumes, and dancing. However, the city of Mosul was quiet on Sunday, lacking in its normal Easter celebrations. The city remains heavily burdened from its years of war and fight against ISIS.

Nearly 8,000 buildings were destroyed across Nineveh province and of these, 2,600 are in Mosul and remain in ruins. Not only are the demolished buildings a grim reminder of the past, but those living in Mosul experience a more gruesome reminder. Daily there are bodies being found in the rubble of collapsed buildings in Mosul. Close to half of the bodies being found are ISIS fighters, while the others are civilian corpses.

Mosul’s Christians are still struggling to return. The normal Christian celebrations look different as the Christian presence in Iraq has drastically declined. Making matters worse is the Turkish presence in Iraq under the pretext of combating the PKK in the region. A Turkish soldier was killed in an airstrike northeast of Mosul in an unidentified attack. Incidents like these are often utilized to justify increased military strength in Iraq. With Mosul not recovered from ISIS, militarization in and around the city suggests further instability for its civilians.

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