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03/23/2021 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Evangelism to Muslims is something I am really passionate about. A specific group that I am concerned about is the large group of Muslims that left the religion in light of ISIS. Most of them were left disillusioned and not wanting to hear about religion again.  

One of my favorite people, Brother Rachid, is a famous televangelist to the Middle East. I checked back with him again to see how his show is thriving amidst COVID and to hear stories about former Muslims coming to Christ through his T.V. show and past conferences.  

I left this conversation encouraged and refreshed that the Lord is working in even some of the darkest times with the pandemic. In fact, God is arguably using virtual means to reach even more people than before. I hope this brother encourages you as much as he encouraged me.  

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JEFF KING: Hey! Today I’ve got a treat for you. I say that about every time, but I get so excited about every topic. This is really one of my favorites. Evangelists to Muslims is just so deep in my bones. One of my favorite people is Brother Rachid. The Lord used him tremendously over two or three different shows over fifteen years now.  

The ISIS era left a lot of Muslims without a religion. So, they left Islam completely disillusions. Their worldview cracked and broken. They assumed, and this is them speaking, we think Islam is now a scam. We think Muhammad was a scam. That’s what they’re saying. So then, all religion is a scam. That’s where they jump to. Jesus is just another one. They are just left in this nether space; this grey world of in between and not knowing where to go or what to do.  

Through COVID of all things, the Lord was working with Brother Rachid said, wait a minute—we need to touch and reach people. There’s this new initiative, so we’re going to talk about that today. I think you’re going to be so excited. It’s a treat, it’s a blessing, go ahead and enjoy.  

BROTHER RACHID: I just received one guy who was with Al-Nusra. The Al-Nusra front is the radical group in Syria. They are Al-Qaeda brand. And he said, I was with them and he was one of the leadership, and he said, I saw firsthand death, the killings. He was involved in it.  

He said, I hated what I had and what I discovered. It’s not like things that they have told us, and they betrayed us. They are hiding so many other things. He started working for, I’m not going to mentioned like another secret service. He started giving them information. He betrayed his own group. He said, but spiritually I was empty.  

He started going back to YouTube, Google, and here I am in front of him. He started watching me and he said, I just want to say, thank you so much because you saved me. I said, no it’s not me. It’s Jesus. He said, yes, but you showed me where to go and what to look for and what will lead me to make a decision. Now, I’m a new person. I want to forget about Al-Nusra. I want to forget about foreign agencies trying to play the ground there. I just want to start my life fresh with Jesus.  

I mean, if you get a testimony like this, it’s… 

JEFF KING: Yeah, that’ll get you going for a year. That will take care of you for motivation this year, and all you have to do is figure out next year.  

BROTHER RACHID: Brother, it’s wonderful. It’s refreshing. It’s reminded me of the midst of COVID, in the midst of all this uncertainty, and even what’s going on in the U.S. and you see politicians, so many people will disappoint you. So many systems will disappointment you.  

JEFF KING: People, people disappoint you.  

BROTHER RACHID: But when you look at the other side what God’s doing in the hearts of people and how they’re changing, that’s why we should focus our eyes on Him, not our own understanding.