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03/25/2021 Egypt (International Christian Concern) –  On March 13 19-year-old Coptic Marian Rafat was attacked while leaving church in Al Fashn center, Beni Suef Province. A man named Gamal Nasser approached her and was harassing her as she was attempting to go just next door to go home.

When Marian rebuked him, he beat her, even using a broken bottle to hit her face. Marian lived very close to the church, and after attacking her, the man went after her home and parents. Both her parents suffered and he ransacked their home.

Later that day, Marian’s father entered a report with the police. Gamal also filed a report against Marian. On March 15 however, authorities arrested Gamal. Marian and her family’s lawyer, Emad Monier, reported that they were ordering a criminal investigation into the case.

Marian’s family is seeking justice for her and encouraging her to exercise her rights. Some are suggesting a reconciliation meeting, which is common in these areas to help calm the local tensions and another incident does not flair up.

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