Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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03/24/2021 Palestine (International Christian Concern) –  Christian institutions are reportedly the third-largest employer of local Palestinians. Just behind the Palestinian National Authority and the UN Agency for the Support of Palestinian Refugees in the Middle East, Christian institutions remain a large employer despite the hardships Palestinian Christians face.

The Christian population has dwindled in the past decades, but Christian schools, cultural centers, and social programs remain strong in the region, employing those of varying backgrounds and religions. Many have noted the significant decline in the region’s Christians, especially with the recent quota increase for Palestinian representation.

A 2020 survey suggested that the highest motivating factor for Christians to migrate was economics. While the report indicated the Palestinian Christian plight is more political than religious in nature, it would be remiss to not acknowledge the unique challenges they face. The majority of Palestinian Christians reported fear and concerns about Israeli Jews and radical Muslims. They fear attacks and being pushed out by Israeli Jews. Regarding Muslims, the primary concern is radical groups and sharia law.

As a result, many Christians live in clumped communities, finding solidarity in shared experiences and less communal discrimination. The presence of Christian institutions bolsters the whole Palestinian community and hopefully encourages believers to remain in their homelands.

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