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03/22/2021 Yemen (International Christian Concern) –  Houthi rebels launched teargas and other projectiles into an immigrant detention center holding primarily Ethiopians on March 7. The death toll is unclear, though more than 350 migrants were held inside the attacked hangar.

On the day of the attack, migrants were protesting their living conditions at the detention center by refusing breakfast and lunch. A short skirmish ensued after lunch was refused. The center’s guards then returned along with Houthi forces. One member climbed up to the open-air roof and launched the projectiles, igniting a fire inside the closed facility.

Houthis are part of the radical Islamist political group in Yemen, controlling much of the country. The United States recently removed the Houthi’s terrorist organization designation. Many called on the Houthi authorities to allow aid groups to provide support and to hold the rebels responsible who launched the projectiles that ignited the fire. Most of those killed and wounded were Ethiopians, migrating from a primarily Christian country and encountering new dangers in Muslim-majority countries.

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