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03/21/2021 Sudan (International Christian Concern)- The Vindicator news agency recently shared the incredible story of Petr Jasek, a Christian aid worker from the Czech Republic who in 2015 went to Sudan on a mission to help persecuted Christian’s.  While there, Jasek ended up being persecuted himself when he was arrested and sent to five different Sudanese prisons over a period of 445 days.

“Within the first three months, I lost 25 kilograms of my body weight. And in the first month through internal bleeding, I had lost literally half of my blood,” Jasek told Crux staff in a 2020 interview, “on top of that I was in a cell with six members of Islamic State…I was being beaten, then slandered and tortured by them.” 

According to Vindicator, Jasek recently told his story during a virtual Voices of Martyr’s program held at the New Covenant Baptist Church. Pastor Jim Simones explained that a major reason for the program was due to the increasing persecution he saw happening in the United States: “The way things are going right now in the world, it might not be long before we see persecution of Christians in the United States.” Stated Simones, “In all my life, I have never seen such an anti-Christ feeling of the church and Christians and Christianity.” 

Despite the difficulties he faced behind bars, Jasek revealed that the Lord was with him throughout his imprisonment, and he knew God had placed him there to reach prisoners with the gospel: “The Lord allowed me to have a Bible. Fellow prisoners wanted to hear the gospel,” Jasek said.

You can hear more of Jasek’s story in his new book, Imprisoned with ISIS: Faith in the Face of Evil.

We ask that you continue to pray for persecuted Christians in Sudan and throughout the world. Petr Jasek credits the prayers of believers around the world for continued strength and his eventual release from imprisonment. Please pray for those that are still in need of this strength.

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