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03/18/2021 Saudi Arabia (International Christian Concern) –  A Muslim Background Believer (MBB) in Saudi Arabia is facing two hearings this month for separate cases, one for attempting to convert Muslims and one for financial wrongdoing. The Christian convert, his wife, and his son are facing violent death threats as a result of their faith. Unfortunately, most of these threats originate from his extended family.

In 2020, he shared with some close confidants while at a restaurant about his conversion to Christianity. The conversation was reported to the authorities, who then brought charges against him for attempting to convert Muslims.

Several years prior, he helped his sister and her children flee the country. She faced abuse from her family and husband when they discovered that she had converted to Christianity. Because he helped his sister escape, the family charged him with financial wrongdoing. His next court hearing for this case is on March 26.

The Saudi MBB primarily fears for his wife and son’s safety, should he be imprisoned for either case brought against him. Over the years he has faced several prison sentences and even flogging for his faith.

Saudi Arabia ranks 14th on Open Doors 2021 World Watch List. Many of the Christians living in Saudi Arabia are expatriates, so this man’s experience is unique in that he has lived in Saudi Arabia all his life. Local Christian Saudis often face even more persecution, particularly from their family.

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