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03/14/2021 Iran (International Christian Concern) –  As the Iranian regime seeks to monitor its people, social media has been identified as a new, potential source of threat against the stability of the Islamic republic. “The government’s increasing inability to control the flow of capital and establish a secure society destroys the importance and relevance of the government to ordinary citizens,” says a recent report by the National Defense Military University.

Social media outlets change the lifestyles of Iranians, but they are also the form of outreach for many groups, including Christianity. Iranian intelligence sees this outreach opportunity as a threat to national security and has increasingly identified the need to address the so-called issue. Christian activity has already deemed a threat to national security in Iran.

If Iranian authorities seek to control and monitor its citizens on social media platforms, the implications for Christianity could be extremely damaging. Because official avenues of outreach are already very restricted, including the lack of churches and the inability to freely share one’s faith, social media offers an opportunity. Christianity has already proven it can grow in the most restrictive of environments, but the continued oversight and pressure from the Iranian government causes concern for the nation’s existing believers.

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