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03/13/2021 China (International Christian Concern) – A Christian man who is a member of the heavily persecuted Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC) in China’s Chengdu was summoned to the police office three times in a week.

Since he repeatedly rejects the government’s order for him to move elsewhere, Jia Xuewei has been targeted by the local authorities. Not only was he followed for more than a year, he was also forced to move from his rented apartment. Even though his current Christian landlord refused to kick him out, the police pressured the community to shut off the water, electricity, and gas in the cold winter months.

In February, when he returned home from crashing at other members’ place, he saw that the keyhole of his doorknob was filled with toothpicks so that he could not insert his key.

According to China Aid, on March 6, March 8, and March 10, Jia was summoned to Jinjiang District police office without any legitimate reason other than demanding him to move away from the district. The state security personnel once told him that as long as he moves elsewhere, they will stop bothering him.

He spent those three nights in the police station reading Bible, until he was permitted to leave the next morning. He was told that he could be released immediately if he agreed not to return to his apartment, to which he refused.

Jia shared in his WeChat that he plans to read through the Bible twice in a month at the police station. He said he can bear this type of persecution as he lives each day relying on God.

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