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Palestinian Christians Allocated Higher Percentage of Representation

03/07/2021 Palestine (International Christian Concern) –  Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas recently increased the number of parliament seats reserved for Christians from six to seven. The next election, scheduled to occur on May 22, will require that at least seven Christians are elected, though more Christians can be included on voting lists so there may be more seats allowed.

According to former Economy Minister Bassem Khoury, the quota is important so that Palestinian Christians are not underrepresented. Christians once made up 20% to 35% of the population, though now that number has dwindled to 1% to 2%. By ensuring that the minority community has a voice, it is hopeful that there may be less emigration. One Christian voiced the hope that more Christians in government leadership would help put a stop to religious hate speech.

Older Palestinian Christian politicians have indicated that they will not run in the upcoming elections in order to help foster opportunity and growth for the community by bringing in those from the younger generations to serve.

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