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03/06/2021 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – According to local sources, a Christian woman was attacked at home by a Muslim man in Pakistan. The attack was the culmination of months of harassment and stalking.

On February 14, Neelam Bibi, a 27-year-old Christian college professor, was attacked in her home by Faisal Busra, a Muslim man who had been harassing her for months. The attack took place in Tanoki village, located in Pakistan’s Punjab Province.

It was about 7:15 p.m. when I left home to get some groceries from the nearest market,” Naziran Bibi, Neelam’s mother, told International Christian Concern (ICC). “My daughter was alone at home when Faisal Busra intruded into the home forcibly.

Once in the home, Busra dragged Neelam to an inner room at gunpoint and attempted to rape her. Neelam resisted and was reportedly beaten very badly.

Hearing the assault, Nasir Masih, Neelam’s neighbor, intervened before Busra could fulfill his purpose. However, Busra threatened Masih for interfering with the assault.

According to Masih, Busra said, “How dare a Christian refuse me and another one rescue her. They both will have to pay for it.

Local sources confirm Busra has a history of harassing Neelam. In recent months, Busra has confronted Neelam twice in public in an attempt to force a relationship.

Neelam reported the incident to local police and FIR # 103/21 has been registered against Busra. Despite the registration of the case, locals report little action has been taken by police to arrest Busra.

Christian women in Pakistan are often viewed as soft targets by criminals. Christian women face multiple layers of discrimination due to their religious and gender identity.

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