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03/05/2021 India (International Christian Concern)Bindi’s life was plunged into darkness when she lost her husband, Kande.

She can still remember the screams and demands made by a group of armed men who came to their house on a dark night in June. In that moment of crisis, Kande then told his wife something that will stick with her for the rest of her life.

The words had barely crossed his lips before the mob of seething radical Hindus broke through the door. They dragged Kande away and slit his throat.

Kande had converted to Christianity four years before the attack, which put them at immediate risk as they were the only Christians in their village in India. Bindi followed suit and become her husband’s ministry helper and spiritual supporter.

Find out what Kande told his wife before he died, and how Bindi has lived out those words ever since by watching the video above.

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Kande found Jesus five years ago. He’s an evangelist in India and soon after he found Christ, his wife Bindi came to Christ. She really had to wait things out. Her own mother had been raped because she was a Christian. Konde wanted to live the life of a church planter or a church evangelist and that meant that significant danger. But she weighed all that out and she knew it was the truth, she knew it was the truth, and she felt the burden of getting that truth to other people so she became a Christian.

They worked in a dangerous area and here’s what she said: “The villagers threatened us and demanded we leave the village or give up our faith, but we refused.” She said, “If we would have left the village it would have felt like we were leaving our faith.”

We support a lot of church planters in India and most of them are single because it’s dangerous work and it doesn’t pay well. These guys were the exception, working together as a husband and wife working in such a dangerous area. It really bound them together. It was almost like they were a bubble floating among thorn bushes and unfortunately that bubble eventually did land.

One night they were eating dinner and they heard the villagers outside their home and shouting and demanding that Kande came home. She froze in terror and Kande held her and he took face in her hands and said, “No matter what happens, you have to keep spreading the faith and keep believing in Jesus.” He said, “I may not come back.”

They took him and sure enough, he didn’t come back. She went out looking for him and eventually found his body. They had slit his throat. That was the beginning of a very, very tough journey. There is no miraculous ending, there’s no great hope here, there’s no great story, there is just a whole lot of sorrow and pain.

The intense fear after that, she would jump and get terrified every time the phone rang. It’s PTSD. Her own father was pressuring her to leave the faith and to stop doing the work, but listen to what she says. She says, “I don’t regret our decision to follow Jesus, but losing my husband has brought me so much pain.” She said, “I will live for Jesus and I will die for Jesus, but I will never turn back.”

In this world you and I are going to encounter a lot of darkness and a lot of pain, but 1 John tells us that he is the light and in him there is no darkness at all.

Bindi’s life was plunged into the darkness, and right now she is stumbling through the darkness and she is doing the best she can with the light of the Savior lighting the way. But you know how that works? It’s just one step at a time. You don’t get to see the end of the journey. It’s just one step at a time.

I think we can agree on the fact that everything around you is corrupted. It’s not as it should be. Bindi obviously knows that and you’ve felt that plenty in your life. A day is coming, and it’s coming for Bindi and it’s coming for you, where we’re going to be released from this world of death and decay. The old order of things is going to pass away and death will be swallowed up forever. And that is quiet a promise, and that really lifts my heart.

But until that day, I’m afraid there is a lot of work to be done. If you want to join in the work of restoring the lives of Bindi and women like her, just follow the link the below. God bless you and thanks for being with us.

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