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03/05/2021 China (International Christian Concern) – A Chinese Christian online bookstore owner, who was charged with “illegal business operations” on September 27, 2020, will possibly face the appeals court in mid-March.

Chen Yu, who owns “Wheat Bookstore,” was sentenced to seven years in prison and a hefty fine of 200,000 RMB ($29,450 USD). According to his mother Zheng Jingmei, she received a phone call from Chen’s lawyer notifying her that Taizhou Intermediate People’s Court in Zhejiang province is planning to meet before the appeals court in mid-March. They will inform him of the exact date a week before.

Zheng is asking for prayers for the appeals court for her son, as it has been delayed repeatedly. She recently wrote a post criticizing the ridiculous sentences slapped on her son, for the court sentenced a bookselling Christian 170 times more than prostitutes.

China Aid reports that Chen was asking for a Bible after he was detained. Zheng sent him a Bible, but the prison staff did not pass it to him. In response, Zheng then handwrote Psalms and Romans. “Our loving God knows Chen Yu’s needs and desire. He moved the prison staff, and he passed the Bible I had sent to Chen Yu in the end,” she said.

On January 17, the sixth day of Lunar New Year, Chen penned a letter for his parents to greet them. He revealed that his new prison mate is also Christian and is glad that they can fellowship together. Chen also encouraged his parents by saying, “We have to wait patiently. God is righteous, and He also hears our prayers. Take good care of yourself and grow in your spiritual life. I believe that we will reunite soon.”

Zheng is 63, while her husband, 68, was hit with cancer. She is concerned that they might not make it before their son’s release.

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