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03/03/2021 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – The Pope is coming to Iraq!

Pope Francis is making a monumental trip to Iraq in order to bring healing to the war-torn society. As the very first pope to set foot on Iraq’s soil, he plans to meet with key Christian and Muslim leaders to address issues faced by both groups.

This event is being heralded by the Iraqi government as a “historic event, symbolizing a message of peace to Iraq and the whole region.”

Peace indeed is needed for the small remnant of Christians left in Iraq. Between the threat of ISIS, death, and wars, many Christians have fled the region for greener pastures, hoping to find a new life. Iraq is the historic home to a vibrant Christian community that used to number almost 1.5 million faithful. However, due to an increase of violence in the region from the U.S. invasion of 2003 and the ISIS genocide of the past decade, the number of Christians living in Iraq has dwindled down to a few hundred thousand.

One of the pope’s final stops will be Qaraqosh, where a remnant of Christians has returned after years of bloodshed and desecration.

Many of these stalwart Christians are rebuilding their lives through chicken farms with the help of ICC!

We’ve been able to help Christians in Iraq like Bassam, who was displaced by ISIS. His farm started out with 3,000 chicks from ICC. Over the past two years, his chicken farm has tripled in size, giving him a chance to start over again.

We’ve built numerous farms, amounting to thousands of jobs in this region. Our hope is that it will breathe life back into their communities.

Join us to help us rebuild Quaraqosh, one chicken farm at a time!

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I don’t know if you’ve heard, but in just about two weeks on March 5th, the Pope is going to be visiting Iraq. It is incredibly interesting; no Pope has ever visited Iraq before. Now, this particular post is keen on closing the rift between Islam and Christianity.

Between the first Gulf War and the ISIS War, so many Christians have left or been killed off. Twenty years ago, there were 1.5 million Christians. Now its 150 or 200 thousand. Whatever the number is, it’s just a massive reduction of Christians.

They voted with their feet. They said, “Look, we’re not welcome here. We’re targeted. We’re getting out.” Then, again, any number were killed also.

The Pope is going to be visiting a city called Qaraqosh. Now Qaraqosh is known as the biggest Christian city in Iraq. It was the center of Christianity.

Now here’s a quiz. What else is Qaraqosh famous for? Get this! It was the center of chicken farming for Iraq. So, it you owned a Kentucky Fried Chicken in Iraq, guess where that chicken was coming from. It was coming from Qaraqosh.

The really sad thing is that when ISIS was doing their thing back in 2014, they absolutely decimated Qaraqosh. Do you remember the symbol of the red “n” with the circle and the two little dots? That’s the Arabic letter for “N” and they were sprayed on Christian homes for Nazarene. They were basically saying, “Hey, this home needs to be destroyed.”

What they would do is they would take a 55-gallon drum of oil and move it in the home and light it on fire. You can imagine what’s left after that. They did that to businesses too. They also did it to the chicken farms.

We have been very keen on rebuilding Qaraqosh. We’ve done all kinds of things. We’ve been rebuilding wells and all kinds of things.

One of the most interesting things we’re doing, is we are rebuilding the chicken farms. One of these farms is owned by Bassam. Bassam was a chicken farmer prior to ISS and was driven off and lost everything. We helped him get back in business. We’ve provided 3,000 chicks and medicines and everything you need to run a chicken farm. Then, those 3,000 chickens have become 9,000 chickens and that’s just the way of the Lord’s blessing. It just keeps going.

It reminds of the loads of fish; you give a little bit and the Lord blesses and turns a little bit into a lot.

I’d like to ask you to join with us and help rebuild Qaraqosh one chicken farm at a time. Listen, if you provide a couple bucks, you provide a couple of chickens for a farmer. Anything you can do is appreciated.

Each one of these farms provides a lot of jobs. Think about it, that means there’s jobs at the feed store, that means there’s farmer hands helping to grow the chickens and all the things you have to do. We’re estimating that the 12 farms we’ve built have meant an increase of 14,000 jobs, so it’s a real economic multiplier.

I would invite you to get involved. There’s a reason the Pope is visiting Qaraqosh. There’s a reason we’ve targeted it to rebuild the economy and to get the Christians back to the city of Qaraqosh. Join with us and God bless you.

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