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02/25/2021 Turkey (International Christian Concern) –  Civil society group Anadolu Kültür (Anatolian Culture), founded by Osman Kavala, is being brought to court by Turkey’s trade ministry for an investigation into its public filing. The organization was founded in 2002 to promote cross-cultural dialogue and understanding through the arts, which included Armenian culture and its historically Christian heritage.

The recent lawsuit accuses the company of operating as a non-profit despite its registration as a company. It is believed that the charges are an attempt to continue to smear Kavala’s name as he has remained in solitary confinement and imprisoned since November 2017. The organization will appear in court on April 15.

In 2016, prior to his imprisonment, Kavala utilized Anadolu Kültür as a way of increasing reconciliation efforts between Turks and Armenians, as outlined in ICC’s Turkey Report. Calling into question the validity of this company further promotes the idea that Armenians and Christians are inherently anti-Turkish and should not be engaged or condoned in any manner.

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