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02/16/2021 China (International Christian Concern) – While the rest of China celebrates Lunar New Year with loved ones, members of the heavily persecuted Chengdu-based Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC) are not spared from the government’s constant harassment and surveillance.

According to China Aid, when Jia Xuewei, an ERCC member returned home from his friend’s place on Lunar New Year’s Day (2/12), he saw that his door lock was jammed with several toothpicks to prevent him from unlocking his door.

However, this was not unexpected, since Jia has been targeted for his active involvement at church. Last October, local authorities had shut off his utilities. In response, he adapted by practicing wilderness survival skills at home – he used candles for light, ate unheated meals, and took cold showers. With the arrival of colder weather, other members of ERCC opened their homes to Jia, providing meals, a warm place to sleep, and a hot shower.

Three Spring Festivals (celebration of Lunar New Year) have passed since the 1209 ERCC Crackdown of 2018. ERCC members never get a break from being harassed and followed during the traditional Chinese festival. Chen Yan, another ERCC member, also recorded the man who was sent to follow her when she went out on a bus on February 11.

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