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02/12/2021 Malaysia (International Christian Concern) – It has been four years since a Malaysian pastor was abducted in broad daylight. Yet his whereabouts remain a mystery, despite an ongoing effort to seek justice for him.

On February 13, 2017, Pastor Raymond Koh was kidnapped by a group of men in Petaling Jaya in a military-precision operation. Many believe that his disappearance was orchestrated by the government. In fact, in April 2019, the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (SUHAKAM), following a year-long inquiry, announced that Pastor Koh was a victim of enforced disappearances by state agents of Malaysia.

However, the Malaysian government denied such allegation that the Special Branch, the intelligence unit of Malaysian police, was behind his abduction. Then inspector-general of police Abdul Hamid Bador also came out and criticized SUHAKAM for tarnishing the image of the police.

On February 6, Christian Federation of Malaysia chairman Archbishop Julian Leow Beng Kim called on all churches in Malaysia to pray for pastor Raymond Koh for the next two weekends to mark the 4th anniversary of the kidnapping of Pastor Raymond Koh.

The wife of missing pastor Raymond Koh, Susanna Liew, has launched a campaign to continue the search for truth. She called on Malaysians to uphold four principles regarding the disappearance of Koh and three others.

She urged Malaysians to reflect on the disappearance; remember the missing persons; respond and support each other, and; urge the authorities to release Koh and the others.

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