Islamic Extremists Kill 10 in DRC 

02/12/2021 DRC (International Christian Concern) – Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), a rebel group whose primary aim is to assault, kidnap, and murder Christians, killed at least 10 people during an overnight raid in Eastern DRC on Monday. 

“So far a provisional assessment is of about ten people killed. It is attributed to the Islamist ADF fighters,” said Rosette Kavula, deputy administrator of Beni territory, the region in which the incident took place.

The attack comes just days after a similar massacre in the neighboring village of Mabule, where a reported 12 people were attacked with machetes by ADF terrorists.

A recent article by UN News reported that ADF was responsible for 849 civilian deaths in 2020 alone. According to OHCHR spokesperson Marta Hurtado, the widespread terror this group causes among the country’s population, of which 80- 90% of people are Christian, is due to a lack of government control:

“The violence takes place in a context of impunity, where few human rights abuses and violations of international humanitarian law are duly investigated and prosecuted. An ADF attack on Beni prison in October 2020 – that led to the escape of 1,300 inmates – was a blow to accountability in the country.”

The government’s inability to control ADF leaves Christians increasingly exposed to their Islamic expansionist agenda. Please join us as we continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in the DRC, for the end of such heinous acts of violence, and for the souls of those who perpetrate them.

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