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02/08/2021 Iran (International Christian Concern) –  Three Iranian Christians had their appeals denied on January 27 and the court’s sentencing for one-year imprisonment was upheld. Habib Heydari, Sam Khosravi, Sasan Khosravi and Pooriya Peyma were all sentenced in June 2020 for promoting Christianity and propagating against Islam. Peyma received a 91-day sentence and did not appeal.

The January appeal verdict confirmed the earlier decision that the three were guilty of operating with house churches and promoting Christianity. Following their one-year prison sentence, brother Sam and Sasan also will serve a two-year exile from their home in Bushehr. When Sam and his wife Maryam were originally sentenced last year, a court deemed them “unfit” parents for their 2-year-old adopted daughter because of their Christian faith. They are still fighting this legal case as well.

Although Iran denies that anyone is persecuted for their faith, this recent ruling lists that their Christianity is an action against the state and therefore worthy of punishment. In the past few weeks, Iranian intelligence also interrogated about a dozen other Christian converts. Intelligence officials pressure the converts to not engage in any fellowship or house-church meetings.

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