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02/05/2021 Iraq (International Christian Concern) –  A graduate student’s thesis titled “Christian American Zionism and its role in the invasion of Iraq 2003” prompted a Christian former member of parliament to threaten suit against the university.

According to the former parliamentarian Joseph Slewah, the association of Christianity with the Zionist movement and the U.S. invasion mislabels them and prompts concern for coexistence in Iraq. He also highlighted how Christians were most affected by the war, with less than 2% returned to Mosul. With this rationale, Slewah threatened to sue the University of Mosul if the title was not changed.

The University agreed to remove the term Christian from the title but justified the student’s research saying that it was not a religious attack and instead looking at historical information.

Linking Christianity with Christian Zionism is often utilized in several Middle Eastern countries to support efforts saying Christianity is undermining society and is used as justification for things like deportation, restrictions on freedom of speech and religion, and legal charges.

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