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01/28/2021 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – The spokesperson of the Edo State Command of the Nigerian Immigration Service, Mrs Bridget Esene, was kidnapped from her church building on January 24. She was held by her kidnappers for two days before the police were able to find and rescue her. In recent interviews, Mrs. Esene stated that she noticed her attackers following her on January 24th. She then ran to her local church for refuge. While in the church, the gunmen held her at gunpoint and made her leave with them.

She said that she was taken into the nearby forest and then sold to other kidnappers that she believed to be Fulani herders. She was then held by the herders until police came to rescue her. It is unclear why she was taken. It may have been a political abduction. It may have been religiously motivated as she was in a church. Most likely however, it was the act of criminals looking to get a ransom for her.

These kinds of abductions are becoming very common in Nigeria. It is very good to see that Mrs Esene was rescued safely and without the need for a ransom. Ransoms only further exacerbate the issue by given criminals the money they need to continue their crimes. Please pray for the many victims of abductions in Nigeria who are still being held and whose families are being extorted for more than they can pay.

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