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01/27/2021 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – Fulani militants have been conducting attacks and causing mass devastation throughout the Middle Belt of Nigeria for many years. These attacks have increased over the past several years though. Increasing violence in Kaduna, Plateau and Benue States has caused millions of people to be displaced. More recently, these attacks have begun to spread further south in the country.

Oyo State, in Nigeria’s Southeast, is several hundred miles south of the Middle Belt states where attack have become super common. Despite this, reports are being made that militants have invaded Oyo as well. The Convener of the Igangan Development Advocates, Mr Oladiran Oladokun, spoke to the Punch Nigeria about the attacks in Oyo State. He says that the militants have displaced many farmers from their land, as well as “offences like farm plundering, rape, kidnapping and so on”. He also told the Punch that the Seriki, a local leader, has been defending the attackers, ensuring that none of those who are arrested are ever prosecuted for their crimes. He says that recently it has been as bad as three or four farmers being attacked every day.

This kind of invasion has been seen in other areas of the country. Fulani invaded the Barkin Ladi Local Government Area of Plateau State, killing more than 250 people in just three days. They then controlled thousands of hectares of land, while the government did nothing to return land to the farmers. Please pray for the people of Oyo State who are starting to understand the Middle Belt Crisis personally.

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