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01/23/2021 Kenya (International Christian Concern) – On January 13, 2021, Mansitula Buliro experienced visions of Jesus, calling for her to follow Him, amid her Muslim evening prayers. Her husband believed her to be possessed, but she was curious to know who Jesus was.

Buliro inquired about her visions to her Christian neighbor for hours, praying. She knew Jesus was real and put her complete faith in Him. Suddenly a neighbor knocked on the door. He discovered Buliro praying as a Christian and left immediately. 

She returned home to an angry husband. “I kept quiet. [He] started slapping and kicking me indiscriminately. I then fell. He went inside the house and came back with a knife and started cutting my mouth, saying, ‘Allahu akbar,’ (God is greater), I am punishing you to not speak about Yeshua in my house. This is a Muslim home!”

Her screams, along with her children’s cries, alarmed the neighbors who stopped the attack. He divorced her on the spot and threatened her he would kill her if she did not leave.

 Buliro miscarried her 13-week-old baby as a result of the attack. According to Morning Star News, she lives with a Christian family. 

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