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01/19/2021 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) –  Militants from the ISWAP faction of Boko Haram attacked and took over a military base located in the town of Marte in Borno State on Friday January 15. The Nigerian military says that they have retaken the base. They conducted the operation on Sunday January 17. The military says that they were able to kill several of the militants, destroy seven of their gun trucks and chase them out of the town. They are currently pursuing the group as they flee back to their strongholds.

The retaking of this base is important to ensure the safety of the region. As Boko Haram and ISWAP continue to fight and take ground from the Nigerian government, they gain power, influence and supplies. This will only extend the fight that has been going now for nigh on 20 years. They continue to use terror to recruit new members, subjugate communities and destroy lives.

Just two weeks ago the group used a young girl, likely a captive as a suicide bomber in Cameroon. The Nigerian government must do more to reclaim land, rescue captives, and stop these types of attacks from taking place. This all has to start though with them being able to protect their military bases and outposts. If they cannot stop their bases from being taken, how can they expect to protect all of their country.

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