How far would you walk to share the Gospel?

01/12/2021 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – How far would you walk to share the Gospel? In the Western Church, this isn’t a question we face often, but it is the daily reality for rural pastors overseas who do not have access to transportation.

In order to encourage the spread of the Gospel, we started the Bibles and Bikes initiative to equip rural evangelists throughout India with Bibles to distribute and their own bicycle to take them from village to village.

By God’s grace, we are already seeing the fruits of this program, with thousands of Christian fellowships popping up in previously unreached villages. Thank you for partnering with us in this effort! If you would like to learn more about this program and get involved, please click here.


How far would you walk to share the Gospel? Well, in the West, that’s kind of a goofy question anymore, because we don’t have to walk anywhere. We sit on our couch, and we’re either going to do it on our phone, just talking, or we can do it on the computer, we can do it on the tablet, on Zoom, we don’t have to get off the couch. But in a lot of the places we work, it’s a more meaningful question, because these guys, the church planters, are walking from village to village out in very rural areas. It can be miles and miles between villages. And that’s why we said, “Look, we want to make these guys more productive. Let’s get them bikes.” And a bike doubles, triples their productivity.

Pastor K. was a church planter and he was out one day doing his work, and he gets attacked and he gets viciously beaten and they destroy his bike. So we provide funding for him for his medical expenses and get him healed back up. But we said, “Hey, look, we want to get this guy back on the road. We want him out sharing the Gospel. It’s what he wants to do, so let’s get him a new bike. And let’s also get him a hundred Bibles.” Then, the light bulb went on and we said, “Why don’t we do this for lots of church planters?”

Well, since then we’ve equipped almost a thousand church planters with their own bike, a brand new bike. They didn’t have bikes before, so it’s a brand new tool. Each of them also got a hundred Bibles to distribute. And so, since then they’ve reached 4,600 villages with the Gospel and they’ve started about 660 new churches. When I say church, I’m talking small fellowship, these are village house churches. But it’s an amazing number. And as those house churches grow, what tends to happen is that they plant churches, so it just snowballs and it goes out from there.

There is a river that flows from the throne of God and it flows down into all the Earth. And we see that over and over in scripture. It’s not a passage, because you see it in multiple places, but it’s one of my favorite themes in the Bible. And it’s just talking about the Gospel and the Holy Spirit going out into the whole world. And God says, “This river is going to cover the whole world. It cannot be stopped. And the farther goes, the deeper it gets. And everywhere it goes, it touches, it heals, and it brings to life.” Okay? That’s the Gospel, and that’s why we love being involved with.

That river has reached India. And it doesn’t matter how much their prime minister hates Christianity or tries to strangle it, there’s nothing stopping this river. Okay? It doesn’t matter how many upset Hindu radicals there are that are angry about it. It’s not an American issue, it’s not a democracy issue, it’s a God issue. And he is sending his message of love and life to the world and it’s going out. And we just are so excited to be part of it. And I want to invite you to be part of it. Once you join with our Bibles and Bikes campaign, our program, and get the Gospel out to the villages of India. God bless you.

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