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In case you missed it, you can read Part 1 and Part 2 here.

12/27/2020 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – On Monday, we told you about the underground missionaries who smuggled Bibles into Laos where the Bible is illegal. We shared how one pastor sent out one missionary, producing four churches and thousands of Lao Christians, but had limited Bibles to give them.

On Thursday, we told you the story of how COVID-19 delayed truck deliveries. Later, police arrested several people on the delivery team and had their visas revoked for spreading the Gospel. In 2 Timothy 2:9, Paul is in prison for preaching the Gospel. He told Timothy, “God’s word is not chained.”

Today, we will tell you the story of one underground missionary who police arrested for delivering and telling people about the Bible. His experience is a real example of the Bible’s spiritual impact and inability to be silenced.

The missionary recalled, “I was sitting between two police officers, and they wondered what is in the book I held. As I explained the events in Scripture and how the New Testament is a fulfillment of prophecy, they were amazed. They told me they would read the Bible even though they were arresting me for passing out Bibles.

He prayed for them, and suddenly 10 more police officers came over. “I asked if I could pray for them; they kindly consented. It seemed they could understand why I believe the Bible. After getting to the police station and much more questioning near the end, they agreed to read the Bible.”

Just like Paul to his prison guards, this man presented the Gospel as he knew it, and the Holy Spirit touched their hearts and changed their minds.

Merry Christmas, and thank you for supporting underground missionaries all over the world who are reaching the unreached.[/vc_column_text]

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