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12/25/2020 Indonesia (International Christian Concern) – Ahead of Christmas service, police officers across Indonesia inspected a number of churches in several areas to clear them from bomb threats. In addition to the inspection, the police also sprayed disinfectants to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

According to CNN Indonesia, the South Sulawesi Regional Police Mobile Brigade Gegana Team thoroughly inspected the inside and outside of a number of churches in Makassar City on December 24.

In addition, the police disinfected the churches to give the congregation a sense of security from the threat of the Coronavirus. Spraying was carried out in the church yard along with other facilities outside the churches

The South Kalimantan Regional Police also mobilized the Brimob Gegana team and the K-9 Unit of the Samapta Directorate to inspect several churches in the area ahead of the Christmas mass.

“The results of the inspection during the day were that we did not found any suspicious objects in the church area, such as bombs and other dangerous materials,” the Head of local Sub-Task Force, Iptu Joko Triono, told Antara.

The Bomb disposal team from the East Java Police Mobile Brigade also inspected a number of churches in Sidoarjo Regency. Inspection was carried out so that the Christmas celebration in Sidoarjo Regency can run smoothly and safely without any significant disturbances.

In Muslim-majority Indonesia, the government usually deploys tens of thousands of security personnel nationwide ahead of Christmas to guard against potential terror attacks

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