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12/21/2020 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Day after day, we hear reports from around the world of believers being targeted with violence and harassment for their faith. However, after many years of working with the persecuted, the roots of persecution have become clearer.

The branches and leaves of the persecution tree are the never-ending flow of victims. But the roots of persecution are a prison of desperate poverty and a lack of political power, stemming from generational educational deficits, job discrimination, and a lack of access to capital.

After several years of serving the persecuted, a dream began to form in my heart: To break the system!

With that being said, we’re going to open up a new chapter of service to the persecuted in 2021 called Generation Transformation. Through this initiative, we will be seeding a Christian community (location undisclosed for security reasons) with scholarships, small business grants, and vocational training.

The best part? This is the kind of work we already do right now. It’s simply scaling up our existing skill set and concentrating on a particular community. By God’s grace, we hope to transform this entire community!

Please pray about it and give generously if you are able. Whatever is given will be used ethically, efficiently, and effectively. I promise!