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12/21/2020 Egypt (International Christian Concern) – Egypt’s prosecutor-general has ordered his office to investigate how they can appeal the criminal court’s acquittal of three men who were charged with stripping an elderly Christian woman. The acquittal came last week and which resulted in much international outcry, as well as great frustration among Egypt’s local Christian community.

This is a case which has dragged on for years. It has seen multiple delays and disappointments throughout the entire process. The incident occurred in 2016 when a Muslim mob attacked the Christian community in al-Karm. The family of Suad Thabet was specifically targeted, as the attack was a response to allegations that her son had an affair with a divorced Muslim woman. During the mob attack, Suad Thabet was sexually assaulted by men who stripped her of her clothes. She has faced substantial pressure to drop her pursuit of justice following the incident, but has remained steadfast.

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