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12/18/2020 Egypt (International Christian Concern) – After years of delays, the Egyptian courts have acquitted three men charged with assaulting an elderly Coptic Christian woman, Suad Thabet.

These charges were brought after they participated in a mob attack against the Christian community in the village of al-Karm. They were accused of attacking, beating, and publically stripping Suad. All of this followed allegations that Suad’s son had an affair with a divorced Muslim woman. It was a situation that sent shock throughout Egypt’s entire Christian community. Though they have long experienced persecution and violent attacks, the nature of the assault on Suad was deeply impactful for everyone, even more so Suad.

An acquittal after so many years of judicial delays verifies to the Christian community that though they are citizens of Egypt, they are not protected by the law. It creates a sense of isolation and frustration by discouraging Christians to report incidents of persecution to the authorities. There is no doubt anywhere that what Suad experienced was sexual assault. The authorities need to hold those responsible accountable.

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