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12/17/2020 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – Three people were killed in Makurdi, the capital of Nigeria’s Benue State, on December 16. The three individuals included a well-known lawyer, his wife, and a local man who was blind. The victims were identified as Moses Udam, Mrs Nkechi Udam and Nyikyor Mazugu. Another local named Amaa Atee told The Punch, “The gunmen who spoke English and Fulani languages stormed the community between 11pm and midnight.” He continued to the reporter that, “The first place they visited was the thatched house of the old blind man where they killed the elderly man. It was his children who were able to escape that raised the alarm.

Atee says that he only survived the attack by hiding in the roof of his home. When the militants came to his house, his children told the men that their father was away.

In response to this attack, Governor Ortom stated that he would not be intimidated into repealing the Anti-Opening Grazing bill in Benue. He believed that this attack and many others that have taken place are due to Fulani being upset about the bill that was put in place in late 2017. The bill makes it illegal for herders to move their cattle through open or federal lands while grazing. It requires the herders to buy land to ranch their cattle on. Despite this bill, attacks have continued in the state, though at a slower rate than previously. Please pray for Christians throughout Benue and the rest of Nigeria to remain safe this holiday season.

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