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12/15/2020 Sudan (International Christian Concern) – Sudan has been removed from the State Sponsor of Terrorism list for the first time in nearly 30 years. The listing was put in place in 1993 after the US found that Sudan was helping groups such as Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, and Hamas, as well as others. They are also believed to have supported insurgencies in several other East African countries. After this, the Bashir led government is believed to have aided in the bombings of the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998 and to have harbored Osama bin-laden after the 2001 attack on the twin towers.

These sanctions have cost the country billions of dollars in foreign aid and investment as it restricts US companies and allies from conducting business in the country.

The removal of this listing became possible when the country overthrew longtime dictator Omar al-Bashir early last year. The current civilian led government has been working hard to get the removal from this list so that they can access the international economy and start to repair their country, which was devastated under the previous regime. To achieve this de-listing Sudan was required to prove that it was helping in the fight against global terrorism, establish relations with foreign countries such as Israel, and establish a fund to pay for victims’ families of the 1998 bombings that they were involved in.

We pray that this delisting will help the country heal and that it will continue to move towards freedom and openness for all as it has been over the past year. Please pray that Christian will begin to gain their freedom as the country continues to change.

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