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12/14/2020 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern)God gave me three wheels in place of my two legs,” Pastor Rahel recently told International Christian Concern (ICC). “My desire continues to grow to take the Good News of Jesus into every interior place. Places where there are no proper roads and no transport facility.

Pastor Rahel is one of the latest beneficiaries of ICC’s Bible and Bikes for India Initiative. Launched in November 2018, ICC set the ambitious goal of providing 1,000 rural evangelists in India with a bicycle and 100 Bibles. Using these simple tools, evangelists are empowered to bring the Gospel to rural and unreached communities across India.

In Pastor Rahel’s case, ICC purchased her a specially designed tricycle instead of a bicycle. At only one year of age, Pastor Rahel’s legs were crippled as a result of polio. In 2014, Pastor Rahel was involved in a car accident that left her legs non-functional.

At 40 years old, Pastor Rahel is still very enthusiastic about sharing the Gospel and her testimony. In 2012, Pastor Rahel was healed from an unknown disease after praying to Jesus. Following this experience, she was inspired to share her healing testimony with anyone who will listen.

Pastor Rahel started by sharing the Gospel with people in her neighborhood. She then started to visit nearby villages, despite her physical limitations. After a while, Pastor Rahel’s family told her to choose between them and her ministry. She chose her ministry and started living on her own.

When she received the tricycle from ICC, she described it as an answer to prayer.

I witness to an average of 20 people every day, and I pray for the sick,” Pastor Rahel told ICC. “Using the tricycle, I can travel 12 to 15 kilometers. This was not the case before I received the tricycle.

God is at work,” Pastor Rahel continued. “People are being healed from their sickness and being delivered. I thank God for this opportunity to be His witness, and I thank ICC every day for the tricycle.

Thanks to the generous support of ICC’s donors, more unreached people across India are hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time. Pastor Rahel is only one of over 800 evangelists who have been empowered through the Bibles and Bikes Initiative. Please keep these evangelists and their ministries in your prayers as the Gospel goes out to India’s unreached.

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