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12/14/2020 China (International Christian Concern) – On December 9, the heavily persecuted house church in China’s Chengdu, Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC), quietly held an 18-hour fasting prayer event, two years after the church was raided by the local government and more than 100 members arrested.

The persecution against the church has not ceased, even after its pastor Wang Yi and elders were put in jail. Harassment and 24/7 surveillance became something the ERCC members have to live with.

On November 21, ERCC member Ding Shuqi married Yan Shengjie in a eucalyptus forest in Chengdu. Their wedding almost got canceled, due to local authorities’ harassment and interference. They were told they could only invite 10 ERCC members for their wedding. In the end, they managed to invite more than 60 guests, although several state security officials also came uninvited and monitored their wedding.

Meanwhile, another ERCC family has had its electricity shut down since December 9, and this was already the third time it happened to them. Brother Wu Wuqing and his wife Xion Meifang, along with their two children, became a target due to Wu’s leadership role at the church. He is currently studying at ERCC’s seminary, Western China Covenant Theological Seminary.

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