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12/11/2020 Ethiopia (International Christian Concern) – Despite Ethiopia’s confident assertions last week that the military conflict in its northern Tigray region was over, the fighting has continued. The exact death count will not be known for some time as power and communications to and from the region remains largely cut off by the national government. However, refugees who have fled the region in recent days tell of much bloodshed and violence, including on the innocent civilian population.

International Rescue Committee, an international NGO, announced Thursday that one of its staffers was killed in Hitsats Refugee Camp in Tigray. The news comes as international observers estimate that at over 45,000 civilians have relocated to neighboring Sudan because of the conflict. Even before the conflict began, almost a million people in Tigray depended on aid for their survival.

There is no clear end to the escalating violence, even as the conflict enters its sixth week. Regardless of the political merits at play in this war, it is essential that international bodies like the UNHCR and ICRC be allowed safe access to those in need in Tigray.

The administration of basic food and medical care is becoming impossible in many parts of the region, and new reports of violence and ethnic discrimination continue to come in.