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12/08/2020 Ethiopia (International Christian Concern) – Ethiopian security officials arrested 14 suspected members of al-Shabaab and ISIS in Addis Ababa and other parts of the country this past week. The suspects were accused of planning terrorist attacks throughout the country according to Ethiopia’s National Intelligence and Security Services.

It is likely that these groups planned these attacks, hoping to exploit the current chaotic situation taking place in Northern Ethiopia. The civil war that is underway has put the country in a state of insecurity and chaos that could allow for groups such as ISIS to establish a presence that was previously more difficult.

The civil war is continuing despite government claims that they have nearly ended it on several occasions. AS long as the civil war continues, Ethiopia will be open to attacks from violent groups or insurrections by other rebellious sects in the country. Pray for the safety of all Ethiopians as the country continues to go through this time of struggle and strife.

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