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12/04/2020 Mozambique (International Christian Concern) – The far northern region of Cabo Delgado in Mozambique has been under threat of a violent Islamic extremist insurgency. The groups conducting these attacks are believed to be al-Shabaab, not linked to the Somali group, and Islamic State Central African Province(ISCAP). The fighting began several years ago when al-Shabaab began attacking government institutions and personnel. They were upset that the government was stealing resources and money from the already poor area.

Since then, the group has been able to take over several military bases for short periods of time, as well as several cities. As they have continued to grow in strength and capability, they have also become linked to ISIS. The newly founded group ISCAP, which seems to be based out of Eastern DRC, has started supporting the founding of a caliphate in DRC and Mozambique. This means that though the conflict in this area started without any religious reasons, it could begin taking on religious overtones.

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