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11/30/2020 Turkey (International Christian Concern) – Turkey’s Press Advertisement Institution (RCC) has not provided financial aid in the year 2020 to minority media outlets, according to Agos. The decision to provide financial aid through the form of official advertisements is made during the General Assembly, whose last meeting was held on November 18th. The next assembly will be held in February.

It is not known why the RCC has decided to demonstrate a lack of support for minority media outlets. During last year’s assembly, it was decided that the institution will support Armenian, Greek, and Jewish press outlets as they are considered a minority under the Lausanne Peace Treaty. Their ability to broadcast has been significantly impacted by the pandemic.

Armenians and Greeks living in Turkey are the original people groups of the nation, and are mostly Christian. However, their population significantly diminished following the 20th century genocide. Today, they are suffocated by a lack of legal identity which makes it difficult to survive in modern day Turkey.

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