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11/25/2020 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – In early 2019, Pastor U Tun Nu was abducted at gunpoint in Myanmar. As the months ticked by, it was widely assumed that he was dead, but his wife didn’t give up hope and continued praying faithfully for his return.

In his absence, Pastor U Tun Nu’s wife was left to care for their three young children as the family’s new breadwinner. In order to lift the financial burden on this family, we covered the educational fees for their children.

Miraculously, after over a year in captivity, Pastor U Tun Nu was set free by the Arakan Army on March 8, 2020. His return was an answer to countless prayers from his wife, despite the doubts from oth­ers that he was still alive.

Thank you for your continued support of our persecuted brothers and sisters. To assist families walking through similar trials, consider giving to ICC’s Rescue: Wives and Kids fund today.


Pastor Nu is a pastor in Myanmar, and the January of last year, he was abducted at gunpoint from his church. The army took him and took him away. And his wife and three young kids were left alone to fend for themselves. Everyone assumed he was dead. Gospel for Asia one month later came out and said he is dead. And again, so his wife and kids are left alone. They’re young kids and they’re left penniless. And that’s where we stepped in. We jumped in to help them and provide school fees so the kids wouldn’t have to go out and start working or leave school, that they could stay and keep getting the education.

Everyone kept trying to help pastor Nu’s wife to deal with the situation because she had some gnawing feeling, some internal feeling that he wasn’t dead, that he was alive. But most of those around her were trying to help her and deal with this situation, said, “You’ve got to deal with reality. He’s dead. And for 14 months.”

And Pastor Nu described that time as just obviously the worst time of his life. He said he was hellish, and constant harassment from other prisoners. They knew he was a Christian and they constantly questioned his faith. And they said, “Look, if you’re a Christian, where’s your God? Your God would release you if you were a Christian.” And then physically, every day, here’s what he lived off. He had a bowl of rice and a liter of water. Of white rice. That was what he received every day. So you can imagine the malnutrition and the struggles he was going through.

And so many times he just reached the point where he said, “I can’t take this anymore.” And he said, “God, please take my life.” You ever felt like that? Well, then one day he was outside. A guard is walking by and he tripped. And when he tripped his gun went off. So Pastor Nu hunkers down, closes his eyes, frozen in terror. And he hears a voice, right in line with the bang, he hears a voice that says, “You’re being protected. No harm will come to you.” And that was the Lord’s voice to him. He opens his eyes, he looks around, there’s a bullet hole through his shirt, but he’s untouched.

Soon afterwards, the prison guards came to him. They said, “You’re going to be released.” And they released him the next day to his village elders. You can imagine, it’s a pretty miraculous time. Everyone thought he was dead. So they were all in tears together. So then, reunited with his family and his young kids and an incredibly joyous time. And his wife was rewarded. Everyone kept trying to help her. “He’s dead, deal with it.” And she was right all along. The spirit was talking to her.

I want you to think about something with Pastor Nu. If you are in your own prison, and you know what I mean when I say that. If you’re in your own prison, I want you to think about that. I want you to think about Pastor Nu. Our God is a God that raises the dead. He heals the lame and he restores what the locusts have eaten. And that’s just his nature. That’s who he is and that’s what he does. It doesn’t mean we’re not going to go through hard times. We do that. There’s no way around it. But Pastor Nu, I think, has a message for you, that when the time comes, the prison door can open and you will be free. So I just want you to remember that.

Finally, I want to say this. Too many people do not care about the “Pastor Nus” of the world but you do, and I really appreciate that. Most of the church is not that concerned about the persecuted brother and sister. Those of us that do care, we’re kind of a special community and we’re sticking together. And I appreciate you caring for your persecuted brother and sister. God bless you.

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