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11/25/2020 Iraq (International Christian Concern) –  This past Saturday, the first phase of implementation of the Sinjar Agreement began with the deployment of approximately 6,000 Iraqi federal policeman to guard the Iraq-Syria border. Nineveh’s governor says that the plan will be fully implemented by the beginning of December.

This agreement has been received with mixed feelings by Sinjar’s Yazidi community. On the one hand, there is anger that federal forces intend to replace local militia forces. These Yazidis, who along with Christians were a victim of the ISIS genocide, say that it is not fair for an outsider to impose themselves as the governing force on their community. Others say that the local security situation has only deteriorated because of militias, many of whom already are not local, thus the need for federal forces.

Regardless, this agreement could set a noteworthy precedent for how Iraq will handle the disputed territories, particularly areas such as Nineveh who had the country’s largest example of religious demographic diversity before the 2014 ISIS genocide. Many Yazidis and Christians have decided not to return home, citing many reasons including security concerns related to militias. The problem is deeply engrained and any solution is likely to be met with controversy.

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