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11/22/2020 Ethiopia (International Christian Concern) – Fighting between the Ethiopian Government and the Tigray People’s leadership has led to full out Civil War in the East African Country. Tigray leaders started the war earlier this month after they attacked and seized a government military base. Since then, the Ethiopian government has attacked the region, capturing towns and trying to regain control over it.

Just yesterday, the Ethiopian government re-captured the town of Adigrat. This town in the second largest in the Tigray region and is the most important recaptured town since the beginning of the fighting. The government is continuing their push to the capital town of Mekele.

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), the ruling party in the region, has claimed that the government has been leading the aggression and has killed many Tigrayan civilians. Due to this they have been fighting for the freedom. They have also fired missiles at the capital of Eritrea, Asmara. These missiles were due to the fact that Eritrea has been willing to help the Ethiopian government in their attempt to retake Tigray. This fighting is taking place between the Tigray people, the third largest ethnic group in Ethiopia, and the Amhara led government, the second largest ethnic group. Both of these groups are majority Orthodox Christian.

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