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11/21/2020 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – According to the Union of Catholic Asian News (UCAN), a popular Tiktok user in Pakistan has apologized for using a derogatory term when referring to her Christian maid. More than 400 social media users posted angry comments about the video and pointed out how the use of the derogatory term normalize the discrimination experienced by Pakistani Christians on a daily basis.

Nimra Ali, a social media sensation based in Lahore, recently posted a video in which she used a derogatory term to refer to her Christian maid.

It’s tough to take a bath in when winter arrives,” Ali told her followers in a video posted to Tiktok. “I will tell you what to do.

Can you share some tips with some tips?” Ali continued, referring to her Christian maid. “She doesn’t take a bath. She is the churi of our house. Are you a churi?… No, no, no. She is the Christian girl of our house.

In Pakistan the term chura or churi is used to denote Christians as low caste and untouchable. It is widely held among Pakistan’s Muslim population that Christians are dirty and as a result must be relegated to the lowest rungs of society.

This is most pointedly seen in the demographics of Pakistan’s sanitation workforce. Christians represent more than 80% of the sanitation workforce of Pakistan. This is an extreme overrepresentation when compared to the mere 2% Christians represent in Pakistan’s overall population. Discriminatory job hiring practices are common and help reinforce the notion that Christians a low and dirty.

In response to angry comments, Ali deleted the post and apologized for using the derogatory term.

I deleted that video despite 19k views,” Ali said. “I am sorry from my heart. It was by mistake. I called my sister with love. It wasn’t a bad intention to hurt sentiments. I will be careful next time.

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