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10/31/2020 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern)If there’s one thing I’ve learned in persecution ministry, it’s this: wherever Satan is spreading death and destruction, God is right there – working in the hearts and minds of those affected.

He uses Satan’s destruction to open the eyes of the lost (and our own eyes!) to life and truth.

In the darkest periods of life, the lost can see clearly that the world has no life for them. Like the prophets of Baal, they find that their idols fail them in their moments of greatest peril. Their supposed strength and control are revealed for what they truly are: nothing more than illusory figments.

These things have no life, no strength, and offer no help.

Some come to their senses. They see for the first time that God is the answer. In these times, their willingness to turn to Him is greatly elevated. From death comes life!

Satan’s death and destruction merely act as a salve for the eyes of the lost.

From my perspective, this is happening right now due to the COVID-19 crisis and the associated lockdowns.

Basically, we have entered into a window of incredible opportunity for the Gospel.

If you think back to 9/11, you will remember that people’s hearts became soft and open to God after that terrible day of massive loss and humiliation. That softness hadn’t been seen for decades.

Their hearts were open for a short time and then… they shut! Right now, I see the same window of opportunity being pried open by the pain and destruction that COVID-19 has brought to the world.

Because of that, we are rushing to get the Gospel out to the most dangerous places on the frontlines of persecution. To learn more and give, click here.

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