One Year Since Baghdadi’s Death

10/26/2020 Syria (International Christian Concern) – Today marks the one-year anniversary of a US military raid which left Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-declared Caliph and mastermind of ISIS, dead. A year later, ISIS has not resurrected itself to a comparable level before their defeat but the consequences of their genocide against religious minorities remain deeply impactful.

The question of justice remains in the minds of many victims, most of whom were either Yezidis or Christians. Baghdadi is dead, but the ideology of ISIS persists and the identity of many fighters remain unknown. Even if infrastructure is eventually repaired, it is this combination that removes what little confidence there is for the victims to return home after displacement. Many often ask, how can they return home if they don’t know who of their neighbors is ISIS and who continues following this ideology?

Justice is often fleeting, particularly in the context of Syria, where Baghdadi was killed. The ongoing civil war inserts a significant degree of uncertainty about the future, including in regards to the detainment of captured fighters. Such prolonged detainment is a stretch for local resources, and the question of foreign fighters also remains unclear as their home countries often remain reluctant to repatriate them. Meanwhile, those fighters who remain uncaptured continue to sow havoc throughout the region.

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