Ministering to the Messengers

10/20/2020 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – We recently sat down with an evangelist in Africa who is actively involved with reaching out to Muslims, and discipling Muslim-background believers (MBBs) as they turn to Christ. But the path of ministry is not always easy.

Many MBBs live with a target on their back, risking life and limb to bring the Good News to those still hungry for truth. Thankfully, many MBBs are able to connect with fellow believers and encourage each other in their newfound faith.

We recently provided a local ministry leader, and the MBBs he disciples, with livestock assistance, so that they can continue in ministry without worrying where their next meal will come from. If you are interested in supporting those who are sharing the Gospel on the frontlines, consider giving to ICC’s Messengers fund today.


Jeff King:

If you open your Bible and go to the very end, you find the Book of Revelation. And if you go to the very end of the Book of Revelation, you come to Chapter 22, last chapter in the whole Bible. And what you’ll read there is the last thing God says in the Bible, right? He talks about this river, that flows from the throne of God and from the lamb. And this river, this theme of the river, that flows from the throne of God is throughout the Bible. It starts in the Old Testament and it goes, in Ezekiel, you’ll read a lot about it. And you look in the Gospels and Jesus talks about this water that flows from them, this living water, and you drink from it, you’ll never be thirsty again.

Jeff King:

And then onto Revelation and this river, the longer it flows out, the wider it gets and the deeper it gets. And everything it touches, it brings to life and it heals. Today I want to talk to you about one brother who was touched by the river and his name is Moses. He’s an African, and he grew up with an interesting background because his father was a Muslim, but his mother was a Christian. And so he grew up with two faiths. He grew up with the Bible and the Koran, but at age 20, he realized finally, that he said, “The only way I’m going to find God, the only way I can get to heaven for sure is through Jesus.” And he gave his life completely to Jesus.

Pastor Moses:

But at the age of 20, I decided fully to convert from Islam. After, converting, then my father sent me away from the family. He had given me land, he denied me that land and I went.

Jeff King:

So, Moses eventually met Pastor M and Pastor M was a guy who was very skilled in discipling Muslims who come to Christ. This pastor, Pastor M taught Moses about how to evangelize Muslims. He was a Muslim, so he understood already, but he really taught him how to do it. And soon he was bringing many, many Muslims to Christ, including his own brother. Now his brother, was an Imam, a pastor, basically of a mosque. So when he converted, he brought 46 people with him to Christ. And that’s what was happening in Moses’s life. More and more people were coming to Christ. So what he saw there was like, just like himself. Now, he had lost everything when he came to Christ, his father threw him out. He was disinherited.

Jeff King:

And the same thing of course was happening with all the converts. And they’d say to him, “What do we do, we’ve lost everything?” Now, Moses is mainly an evangelist. Evangelist loves sharing the gospel and winning people to Christ. And he eventually started connecting them with Pastor M and Pastor M was taking care of them. And he’s a discipler and a trainer and Pastor M took all these guys in and knew how to get them to their new life. They need a lot of care because they lose everything. We love to work with guys like this. We love to work with evangelists who are reaching Muslims. We love to work with the disciplers and with Pastor M, we’re working with them. We just gave him a couple of cows because he has 22 converts living with him. And we just gave him a couple of cows. And those cows give off milk obviously and have babies. The milk feeds the converts. It also gives them something to sell in the marketplace and support themselves.

Jeff King:

And of course the cows will have babies and it’s kind of a growing asset, but we love to support this kind of activity. We are in the middle of a historical wave of Muslim conversion, like we’ve never seen before. Nothing has ever been seen in the world like this. And here’s a favorite activity of mine. I love to talk to older converts, the guys who came to Christ 30 years ago. And I’ll say, “When you came to Christ, how many Christians did you know?” And the answer will show up on one or two hands. So it’s either, five, 10, but it’s a one, or two hand answer. And then I say, “So how many do you know now?” And they’re like, “Oh my God, it’s hundreds, it’s thousands.” So many have come to Christ.

Jeff King:

That’s what’s going on in the world. So, take heart in the midst of all the bad news and all the chaos in our country, God is at work. That river is still flowing, and it’s not just for the converts. It’s not just for discipleship and evangelism of the Muslim, that river is available to you. And that river, everything it touches, it brings to life and it heals. So ask God, ask him to open the flood gates of the river and to fill your heart right now. Everything it touches, it brings to life and it heals. God bless you.

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