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10/16/2020 Indonesia (International Christian Concern) – The two toddlers who were critically injured during the 2016 Samarinda church bombing have now reached school age, yet they still have a long way to go until their full recovery.

Trinity, 3, and Alvaro, 4 were playing at the Oikumene Church’s yard when a terrorist named Juhanda attacked the church with Molotov cocktail. While the toddlers survived the November 13, 2016 attack, for the next four years, they had to go through rounds of surgeries and therapies.

“She walks haltingly, but she never gives up and keeps on walking, even though she falls sometimes,” Sarina Gultom told Benar News about her daughter who is now 7 years old. Despite that, “going to church is fun for her.”

Sarina and Trinity have been to China’s Guangdong province for an extended period of time for Trinity’s balloon treatment, where a balloon was inserted on Trinity’s back to grow skin tissue. This skin tissue was then grafted over the surface of the burn. After the treatment, the fingers on Trinity’s left hand are more flexible and the appearance of her skin tissue has improved.

Alvaro, who suffered burns to his head, hands and right thigh, also had similar surgeries in Kuala Lumpur. Besides, the little boy had to go through counselling since the attack affected his mental health. Thankfully Alvaro is slowly returning to his old cheerful self and enjoys playing the drums.

These overseas trips are costly to both families. While the court ordered the government to compensate the victims in 2017, the amount is far less than what is needed for their long-term recovery. Alvaro and Trinity’s parents have spent more than U.S. $200,000 combined in the past few years.

ICC has provided assistance to both Trinity and Alvaro so that they could seek medical treatment overseas. ICC will continue to follow up and monitor the needs of these young children. Please keep Trinity, Alvaro, and Anita and their families in your prayers.

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